Sunday, October 16, 2011

 Earn Income Online as added Social Activities to Its Platform!!!

Youtoo is the world's first Interactive-Social TV Network. connects Internet to the Youtoo Television Network.

Youtoo will become the next frontier of social networking.  Youtoo uses advanced technology to connect the website platform to the Youtoo Television Network to make them work together.  Internet social networking has become the most popular online daily activity to millions of people and millions of people who watch TV daily.  Youtoo has put together the two most used activities people to take part in every day and combined them to create the world's first Interactive-Social TV Network.  Youtoo created a way to interact with millions of people on national television PLUS it allows you to integrate with your other social networks so people can share their Youtoo experience with family, friends and followers.

The Youtoo television network is aired in 15-million cable households in the United States alone and growing fast.  If you don't get Youtoo TV, you can call your cable or satellite provider to request Youtoo TV.   If you love your social network and enjoy watching TV, I believe you will love Youtoo TV.

Curious how you can become a part of the next frontier of social networking?  All you have to do is visit and create a free account.  Yes, Youtoo is absolutely free.

What Is Youtoo TV?

Youtoo TV is a social platform that allows viewers to participate in television programming from virtually any location.  Use the Youtoo patent-pending technology to record high-definition, television-ready, video files called "Fame Spots" at using your computers webcam or by downloading a Youtoo App to your smart phone or tablet.

What Is A Fame Spot?

A "Fame Spot" is a 15-second video that you record using your computers webcam or downloading the Youtoo App to your smart phone or tablet.  You select a favorite TV show that airs on the Youtoo Network that you would like to see yourself, create a "Fame Spot" in response to that episode's topic/question and then submit/publish it.  Youtoo will review your video and when approved, Youtoo will notify you by email.  If your "Fame Spot" is chosen, Youtoo will contact you again to let you know when to tune in to see yourself on national TV.  When your "Fame Spot" is aired on the Youtoo Network, everybody across the country watching the channel will see your "Fame Spot".

Another way you can be seen on the Youtoo Television Network and on the website, is to create a "Social Shout Out".

What Is A Social Shout Out?

A "Social Shout Out" is text messaging for your TV.  When you text message your family and friends, you text message one at a time but when you text message to create a "Social Shout Out" you are text messaging the entire TV audience and the website.  If you integrate your Youtoo with your Facebook and Twitter account your "Social Shout Out" message will appear on your Facebook Wall and as a tweet at your Twitter account.  Think about it for a moment.  Your "Social Shout Out" will be randomly rotated throughout the website and the Youtoo TV network and posted to your Facebook Wall and posted to your Twitter account all at the same time.  Your text message will be seen by thousands of people and viewers.  You can share your name, profile picture or badge with your "Social Shout Out".  A higher level

My "Fame Spots" made it on Youtoo TV dozens of times.  Very cool, fun and free.  Don't forget you can text message a "Social Shout Out" on national TV.

November 2011 - has added Social Activities to its Platform!!!

There are so many social interactive activities for members to enjoy at  Members can "Text" Social Shout Outs, "Record" Fame Spots, "Like" Social Shout Outs, "Rate" Fame Spots, "Comment" on Fame Spots, "Email" Friend Connections and "Request" to be friends with members of has a built-in Virtual Economy for members to "Earn Credits" that can be exchanged for virtual goods and services within the social network.  Members earn credits when they "Text" Social Shout Outs", "Record" Fame Spots and post "Comments" to Fame Spots.  Youtoo members can also purchase credits if they desire.

Attention Adsense Publishers!!!'s virtual economy DOES NOT compensate members to perform social activities such as members clicking ads or offers, performing searches, surfing websites or reading emails.

Do you want to be a part of the first Interactive-Social TV Network?

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